Short Term Disability Insurance

TWU 556 is proud to offer disability benefits for it’s members from UNUM Insurance.

Plan features are:

  • Waiver of Premium while receiving disability benefits

  • Covers off-job accident and sickness

  • Covers maternity

More Features:

  • 6/12 Pre-existing condition applies

  • Guarantee issue during open enrollments

  • Guarantee issue for new hires within 30 days of completing probationary period

  • You can apply outside of open enrollment by completing a health questionnaire

  • You must update your salary every year during open enrollment so benefits are not disrupted at point of claim

  • Rates may increase during open enrollment. Rate increase will apply to all insureds equally.


To file disability claims you may call UNUM at 1.888.859.1293 or file online at

Claims filings are just a phone call or touch away. No more hassle with paperwork!

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